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Haute Couture Gaultier Paris AW 2021/22 : Sacai's terrific child of fashion!

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Gaultier paris x sacai haute couture collection autumn/winter 2021/22paris 7th july 2021hq jean paul gaultiera new era for the gaultier paris fashion house with the very first fashion show designed by chitose abe, japanese designer from sacai, the first guest to reinterpret the dna of the terrific child of fashion!meeting behind the scenes of this long-awaited show, by all and by jean paul gaultier31 silhouettes revisit the emblematic gaultier codes and pay tribute to the designer’s work with a puzzle of avant-garde volumes.note the collaboration with shoemaker pierre hardy and tattoo artist dr. woo for second skin printsinterviews:jean paul gaultier:it's weird because this is going to be the first time i'm going to be sitting looking at a jean paul gaultier collection which is not mine, but still, according to someone else's view, which is still great.and i love that. i knew we had something in common, but she translates it with her japanese culture. that's what's so great about it, and it's a woman. i wanted it to be a woman to be the first to do it after gaultier.i didn't want to see it before, they asked me asked if i wanted to go backstage. i said no, no, no, i don't want to see anything. i was amazed by the hairstyles, by the music, by the light, by all, all, all the elements.that's what it's all about, having that love to see a beautiful show of clothes that need to be worn, that will represent me.and that's all wonderful. i think she's great, she's terrific, terrific, terrific, to the power of 100. it was me, and it wasn't me. so it's a very strange feeling, but it's a beautiful feeling. and i didn't have to work hard for it.chitose abe:everything was in my memory already because i have been a huge fan of jean paul gaultier, so i just needed to pick out from my mind what is best for this collaboration.signe veiteberg:amazing, yeah, i've never worn anything so extravagant, so it's very special to me.felice nova noordhoff :yesterday, i came here to do my fitting and i had no idea what to expect, sacai, jean paul gaultier.you know both, but you don't know them together.and when i saw the collection, i was like, oh, this makes a lot of sense, actually.it's really nice, it's very strong, powerful and fast in a way, and beautiful, of course.music issued from the fashion shows (only to be used in the context of the fashion shows, covered under the right to information)