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Haute Couture AW 2021/22 : The new queens of fashion with Viktor & Rolf!

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Viktor & rolfhaute couture collectionautumn/winter 2021/22'the new royals'dutch viktor horsting and rolf snoeren invited us to the chapelle expiatoire in paris, where louis xvi and marie-antoinette are buried, to discover their collection and highlight the correlations between fashion and the monarchy, in a staging by thierry-maxime loriotinterviews:thierry-maxime lorioti call them "fashion artists" i really believe that fashion, is an artistic medium to represent their work. i really like their intentions, social, beyond the humor, there is still this quite touching and exceptional side in the savoir-faire of the viktor & rolf workshops, to rethink haute couture through their codes and use materials that are unusual for haute couture, and to push them to extremes.viktor & rolf:we were inspired by the recent events in the royalty world. there was a lot of upheaval and that made us think about the fashion system and how closely they resemble each other, fashion and royalty, because fashion also has its kings and queens and its courts.on a very practical level, we worked a lot with fake fur, it's the first time we do that.it's biodegradable fake fur. and we also made our own fur on top of that, using raphia, using lurex, to really create big volumes. it's really about exaggerating fakeness, the fake fur and the fake jewels, and with that we wanted to say that everybody can be a queen, and everybody is his or her own creation.every outfit represents the fact that it's a combination of an evening dress or a cocktail dress with a matching coat or cape, a fur coat or cape. and on top of that, there is a big sash with a big text, plus there's a tiara or a crown and all of it looks a bit like it's straight out of a comic strip.couture is really a way to experiment and a way to tell stories.and for us, it's more than just making clothes.it's as well about making a statement about the times we live in and just storytelling.miss fame :it's really comfortable. i don't have my corset. just a panty for anybody who's interested.oh you're intrested?!!!music issued from the fashion show (only to be used in the context of the fashion shows, covered under the right to information)