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Insider Milan Fashion Week: Tod's with Walter Chiapponi

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Interview walter chiapponi :i thought it was a good moment to really experiment with a new way to present fashion, also for the future, also in general, also because i love cinema. so it was easier for me to think about the clothes and the shoes as a costume for a movie and less than present a collection with a catwalk. it was nice to really collaborate, making together this skills of artisan with the designer, try to push like technology and new technique and experiment. and so this is how we started the collection, it was more like a physical approach. every fabric is washed, it's over dyed, it's sprayed to make more tri-dimensional color. there is no flat or slick or dry surface, but everything gets wrinkled. the colors are so many and all of them are very different, there is not the same shade of color in, like, one garment. in the way to treat and to finish the garment, the shoes are totally raw-cut, they are more primitive.for men, we have these very simple, as you can see, bags, which are like a rectangular bladder, which became very interesting when you fold it andit really hanging softly on the side of the body. it's everything very natural and very honest, as the women's bag. it's really the beginning of a new era. in milan everything is quiet, but there is this kind of energy around. you can see people, they really want to go back to happiness and good life, positive vibes.music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)