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Best of Milan : a look back on the best moments of the Milan Menswear Fashion Week

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For four days under the beaming sun, milan presented the upcoming menswear trends for spring-summer 2020. a look back in pictures of the highlights of this fashion week, with an emphasis on a return to nature and a more responsible fashion. it was ermenegildo zegna who opened the festivities on the first night, with a show presented outside milan in a disused steel mill. an ultra-photogenic setting for a focused wardrobe, comprised of recycled materials that centred on a new, casual style of tailoring. francesco risso at marni also questioned waste by covering the ceiling of the show hall in a cloud of plastic bottles.there was another inspirational green setting for silvia venturini fendi, who for the first time presented the fendi collection surrounded by nature in woodland gardens of villa reale, highlighting another great summer trend: the reinterpretation of utility clothing.another unexpected location was found at the sunnei collection, using a section of motorway, which is intended to become an outdoor cultural space.giorgio armani also wished to make a return to the roots. it was in the courtyard of his historic palace in the heart of milan that he chose to present his collection, putting an emphasis on the non-formal suits that brought him international fame. a suit at the centre of attention, proposed in bright colors (red, electric blue, pink) and in pastel shades (soft mint green, lilac, lavender blue).summer is also expressed through prints evoking the desire of distant lands, from exotic destinations to jungles. the leopard theme is present, as well as floral motifs.menswear pieces are also presented in light materials. jackets, shirts, shorts and more unexpectedly trousers, are offered in coloured nylons.a milanese fashion week full of energy despite the absence of certain major labels, juggling skilled craftsmanship, bucolic presentations and a show that truly catches the eye!with interviews from alessandro sartori & silvia venturini fendi alessandro sartoriour approach is about doing this and being able to transform and change a process into a new process. the process here is that the collaboration is 20% upcycled fabrics. silvia venturini fendii wanted to recapture a sense of harmony, the same harmony that is given to me through nature.royalty free music: unknown caller by mike arnoult artlist