Self-Portrait- Women's Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear Show in New York (with interview)

Designer: Han Chong Inspiration: An urban woman who enjoys travelling and exploring.With his 350 points of sales throughout the world, the English brand took inspiration from the versatile women that is found within Self-Portrait, always seen through a pretty evening dress worn whatever the season.Collection: For Winter 2019, suits are reinterpreted in a more feminine and sensual way like the tuxedo jacket that becomes a dress, with pleats at the bottom and the elegant jumpsuit. The designer adds a mix of prints such as colourful checks with two-tone flowers. Lurex shines and yellow velvet is a winner. Numerous details such as draped shoulders and lace that finishes shorts and dresses. Note: Flat boots with pointed toes + silvery red seen especially on a dress adorned with sequins.Interview with Han Chong:This season I do alot of reinvents and tailoring, like how we do tailoring in a Self-Portrait way. So it always has a twist so it’s younger so you want to have fun so for example like this is like a blazer but with our signature and it’s a long dress. So with a pleat insets so that’s our way of doing kind of tailoring.I tried to do this like keeping a good balance on enough design detail but it’s still fun and people who wear it feel really good in it.I like the idea of like quite a simple print with good colour and then for example like fourreau with monochrome. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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