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Azzedine Alaïa collector, the new suit exhibition from the Alaïa Foundation

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A year after the death of azzedine alaïa, a commemorative plaque was unveiled on the building where the couturier lived in paris, which became the location for his foundation that currently holds exhibitions. the first of 2019 displays alaïa’s collection holding thousands of items that he brought throughout his life, from contemporary designers such as those from the american couturier, adrian. an imaginary conversation between the two designers about suits, as explained by the historian and curator, olivier saillard.exhibition open until 23 june 2019 - 18 rue de la verrerie, 75004 paris.interview with olivier saillard:alaïa owned most pieces from adrian, a couturier who was not very well known in france, but who was famous for his hollywood gowns and working with the likes of greta garbo and joan crawford amongst many other actors in the 30s. he also owned his own fashion brand in the 40s and 50s from which azzedine alaïa brought many pieces. so, we chose to reopen the exhibition through reflecting the conversation between the 2 designers.the technical knowledge of azzedine allowed him to acquire extremely technical pieces that he could measure himself.it’s interesting to see his immense interest for fashion history which constituted not only for his house but for the state and for france, because the collections he saved are very unique.