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A-COLD-WALL: The Menswear Sensation in London

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Designer: samuel rosshistory: the designer and founder of a-cold-wall, aged 27, already has a solid reputation in the fashion industry. after founding his brand in 2015, he became a finalist in the lvmh awards last year and received the best emerging talent prize from virgil abloh at the british fashion awards last december.show: a-cold-wall’s staging is always impressive; the designer wishes to highlight everything questioning society. for the new autumn/winter 2019/20 collection, dancers doubled up in two and dressed in black from head to toe appearing to move through water in pools situated between the front row and the podium. the scene, although filled with beauty, creates an uncomfortable feeling, a synonym of chaos echoing, as the designer explained, the uncertainty of brexit, migrants and the increase of nationalism.collection: a-cold-wall is well known for its streetwear style mixed with technical materials. for next winter, we see quilted trousers and felt cardigans in blue and grey tones. jackets and jumpers alike are adorned with multiple graphic openings and trench coats are decorated with waterproof nylon. the backs of clothes, like always, are well studied, and the touch of orange on suits creates a pretty contrast.note: accessories: big scarfs as well as unique bags are worn over the shoulder or by hand.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).