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Ralph Lauren Celebrates the 50th Anniversay of his Brand in Central Park (with Interviews)

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Designer: ralph laureninspiration: friday 7th september, ralph lauren celebrated the 50th anniversary of his brand with a catwalk that celebrated diversity and beauty, themes american designers hold very dear.location: central park, at bethesda terrace. tribute to the hometown of the designer, new york.collection: he gathered all his brands (ralph lauren collection, polo ralph lauren, rl, for women, men and children) around one big and unique show in central park at bethesda terrace, followed by a gala dinner with an array of stars including jessica chastain, kanye west, lily aldridge, oprah winfrey, robert de niro, pierce brosnan, & maria sharapova.focus: on bohemian and romantic looks, on prints, shimmering velvets, embroidery, patchwork of various fabrics and tartan cow boy shirts. we find symbolic models from old collections in a casual spirit with big woolen jumpers and the famous bear pattern, tweed jackets, the sportswear style reviewed by ralph lauren and the preppy style on the runway.note: the familiar atmosphere with couples and children parading and a standing ovation for a strong emotional final.interview with jessica chastain: we’re here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ralph lauren and how wonderful to be in new york because i remember he told me a story about how he began in new york city making ties, and he really is, you know, his clothes remind me of, there is such an american kind of feel to them, but he really is the epitome of the american dream when you think about it, so it’s beautiful to be here in central park.interview with steven spielberg: fifty years of history is pretty extraordinary, he’s always been so extraordinary.interview with rosie huntington-whiteley :when i think of ralph lauren i think of like quintessential all-american classic brand.interview with blake lively : it’s so surreal to be here in so many ways, i mean you look, you’re sitting next to anna wintour and steven spielberg and kate capshaw and look across the aisle and see robert de niro, oprah and pierce brosnan and i mean it’s just as surreal as it gets. but the collection was one of the most stunning collections i’ve ever seen, but the most beautiful part was seeing ralph’s family and seeing ralph’s family looking at him.interview with ralph lauren :i’m very thrilled about my life, my wife, my family have helped me through all these years. i think i’ve been very lucky, lucky to have a family and i’m lucky to have a company that has great people in it. i’m not the one who did all of this, this is a team.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).