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Coromandel screens very dear to Coco Chanel inspired these new high jewellery designs

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Stunning staging at the grand palais in paris, to discover this new collection of high jewellery by chanel comprising of 59 pieces based on coromandel screens that fascinated the designer coco chanel so much. an invitation to travel but with winks, from double sided to pearls and camellias, all these house codes very recognisable. with interview of marianne etchebarne (international director of jewellery and watchmaking at chanel)she truly had an intimate relationship with coromandel screens, her whole life she never stopped collecting screens. she had more than thirty and she lived with them. for her they opened doors to imagination and to the imaginary. an exceptional piece: the double-sided floral bracelet with screen structure that moves thanks to the extraordinary work, with two scenes at the back or at the front. there are three themes. a floral theme, you can say that camellia isn’t new at chanel but in this collection it has been made flat with diamond-paves. the second theme is the animal world so there, birds dominate. the intention of the birds was worked on in a very beautiful volume and we wanted to make the birds very lifelike. the third theme is the mineral world with landscapes. you can see some pieces that invite you into entirely imaginary landscapes. all the jewellery is actually completely coded but each time they are re-worked, re-imagined, at a slightly different angle and that’s what always takes you by surprise, you can find it in the collections but at the same time we end on something else.