Georges Hobeika - Show Haute Couture Autumn/winter 2018/19 in Paris

Designer: Georges HobeikaInspiration: Swan Lake with nature changing at every moment of the day, the sun, the magic of the night, the sparkling stars, reconstructed through princess dressesCollection: The series of gowns with the sensuality of a slit, a low-cut neckline, some play with length and transparency. The tops of the dresses with long sleeves connects with a rain of embroideries, feathers appear on the hems of a skirt, and glittering fringes give it a very “Roaring Twenties” feel. To note: The sublime work of the Ateliers with extraordinary embroideries like paintings, an example of Swan Lake appears on a blue dress, or feathers of different shades of blue that represent the ocean. Music from the show (only for use in context in this report,under cover of the right to information)

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