Iris van Herpen - Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2018/19 in Paris

Designer: Iris van HerpenInspiration: With this new haute couture collection called “Syntopia”, the designer continues her research into the organic and non-organic, in collaboration with artists from the studio Drift, through the incredible installation comprising of 18 moving wings that recreate the movement of flying…Collection: Simultaneously strong and soft, sculptured dresses all in shape which follow the body’s movement. The weaving woolen arabesques, woven in leather, ending in fringes, squares of fabric create volume at the side that moves with every step, fluidity of materials through the thousands of two-toned transparent organza layers, heartbonded with mylar and cotton, makes the dress feel “almost” alive…Focus on. Corset dresses made like works of art inspired by birds and capes that fall like waterfallsMusic from the show (only for use in the context of this report, under cover of the right to information)

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