The official opening of the exhibition "Italiana : Italy through the Lens of Fashion 1971 – 2001" at Palazzo Reale in Milan (with interview)

For the first time, Italy has organized an exhibition in the Palazzo Reale in Milan on the history of Italian fashion, during a precise time from 1971 and the rise of Italian ready-to-wear, to 2001, a year emblematic of the turn of the century and the globalisation of the market. An exhibition which isn’t ordered chronologically but by theme. We discover iconic designers but also the Italian way of life, in order to better understand the political, social and artistic context of Made in Italy. Noting the participation and support of the Italian Minister of Economy who contributed to this exhibition, as well as the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (The Italian Fashion Council) and their dynamic President Carlo Capasa. Interview with Stefano Tonchi: I think that there has not been a great story telling about Italian fashion. There have been many single stories, each Italian designer has created his or her own storytelling but we have never looked at the Italian fashion system as a whole. We started with 1971 because it was the first fashion show of Walter Albini, in Milan. He moved from Florence and Rome where he had been showing before and he established the importance of Milan as the capital of pret-a-porter. He wanted to create fashion on an industrial scale and he thought that Milan is the place from where to send this message, he wanted to create a democratic fashion and many other designers will follow him. Missoni will move to Milan and Giorgio Armani and so on, creating that moment where Milan became the capital of fashion to the seventies and the eighties and the nineties. When you think about the image that we chose for the exhibition, that is an image by Oliviero Toscani, where a boy is dressed as a girl or a girl is dressed as a boy, I think it’s something very contemporary, we want to look at these thirty years of history and make it contemporary. Exposition Italiana: Italy through the lens of fashion 1971-2001 (22nd Fevrier-6th May 2018)PALAZZO REALE, Piazza del Duomo, 12 — 20122 MilanMusic Bandit & Nikit - 2018

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