Dior Homme : Men's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interviews)

Creative Director : Kris Van AsscheTheme: Forever youngCollection: The suit as the base of work, with a desire to inject new youth through couture details on the side, the waist marked with a dash, and the double buttoning. We also find sportswear codes, reworked, with oversized volumes for high waisted denim trousers, small short leather jackets lined with coloured shearling and superposition for the tops.Focus on the tennis like stripes, and the homage to the Christian Dior ateliers on the back of a jacket or the front of a t-shirt. To note: The varied casting with ex-models on the catwalk who show alongside the new generation. Interviews:Kris Van Assche: I’d already put more mature men in my campaigns, there was Boy George, Dave Ghan, Larry Clark so I’d already played with that in my campaigns. For me it’s such an asset that we dress men of all ages, of all morphology even, but for certain people, no, and so I played with it in my head for a while to put them in the show and then as we saw the show speaks a lot about nineties icons, be that music, tribal earrings, tattoos, haircuts, baggy jeans and all that, and these are the icons of the nineties so finally they had their place in the show.The current period is very confused. Sportswear, streetwear, casual and luxury are all mixing together and the messages aren’t clear and so I wanted to clarify the brand’s DNA and say yes, we like loose trousers, we really like jeans, we really like trainers, backpacks, I love that but we know better than anyone, to make beautiful tailoring and Monsieur Dior himself as well had tailoring, a bar jacket very close to the body, very on form, very body conscious, so I wanted to rewrite that for the men. Pierre Niney: I find the theme ‘forever young’ interesting and also to see different profiles, and that Kris has done that today, that slightly tells another story. Noomi Rapace: It feels almost like it has some kind of vampire, butterfly, dark night thing all over it, all the cuts were super epic and the glasses felt like they had some danger in it that I love, super strong, it’s like streetwear mixed with night creatures. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions

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