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Dirk Bikkembergs : Menswear show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Artistic director: lee woodinspiration: a bike trip around holland from the port of amsterdam to the architecturally modern rotterdam. collection: a wardrobe which sways between a sartorial silhouette and sportswear. generous volume and a line close to the body. enveloping puffers, vibrant suits, functional details borrowed from the world of cycling and graphic stitching in lively colours which composes the new identity of the dirk bikkembergs season. focus: on massive boots and trainers, the stitched rib trim at the base of a suit jacket. lee wood : it’s a collection of contrasts, i took a research trip to amsterdam and rotterdam, i went to holland, i want to have two realities, you know this kind of historical city of amsterdam so we went to the rijks museum and were looking at the old paintings, rembrandt and then i took a train 30 minutes to rotterdam and it’s completely different it’s very modern, sportswear, contemporary art, it was like an immediate cultural change within the same culture. there’s a lot of contrasts between tailoring, very sartorial pieces which is the history, and then we have the sportswear and technical fabrics, ways of thermal bonding things which is kind of the modern technological. so between colour, fabrics and the techniques we kind of created looks that play with every element so from head to toe you get different levels of texture, of shiny, matte, dry, something that feels more fluid. so it’s very nice to put these very contrasting pieces together and create this very harmonious look that feels very masculine. music from the fashion show