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Moscow Fashion Week: Russian fashion that comes a long way from Matryoshka and Anna Karenina!

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More than 70 designers, five days of shows with the principle objective of putting russian fashion onto the international stage. presented at the exhibition park, a stone’s throw away from the kremlin. fashion that’s come far from slav folk law, matryoshka dolls and anna karenina, it seeks a more modern and minimalist approach to be in tune with the evolving clientele. here are the names to remember: kondakova: a label which plays with glamour, delicacy and modernity. with floaty bustier dresses, both pleated and draped.katya komarova: prone to minimalist fashion with asymmetry, belted waists and t-shirts are the leading theme. olya kosterina: working with raw denim, it comes shredded, slit and pleated. a certain softness and poetry comes from the yulia nikolaeva collection. with knotted shirts, silhouettes with bare shoulders and innocent designs. artem shumov, is one of russia’s most well-known men’s fashion designers, with a very strong vision. it’s thom browne who pushed him towards launching his own label after seeing his sketches. the arms are strapped, the shirts cut and the wearing of skirts comes recommended. another interesting approach is that of bezgraniz couture, which symobolises fashion without borders, who aims to promote the designing of high-end fashion for a particular target- the disabled. with a collaboration of russian and international designers, the label hopes to change the way in which disabled people perceive and are perceived by others. it’s the young anastasia gassi, who hides behind the label ivka. she graduated from the famous london school central saint martins. for this new collection, she reinterprets the modern ballerina with loose dresses, adorned with frills and flounce. satin textures in deep colours add intensity to these shapes, with only five examples produced to create an air of exclusivity. to finish, igor gulyaev and his theatrical fashion. this is the russian designer who’s created the most buzz. friends with celebrities, he contributes to making russia’s fashion industry shine. known for his work with fur, he’s even developed a special capsule collection for french brand guy laroche. 80 looks and a rock star worthy wave to finish. musique royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017