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The Birkenstock Phenomenon: The Most-Desired Orthopedic Shoe in the World of Fashion!

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Birkenstock are today the most-desired orthopedic shoe in the world of fashion! worn by the biggest influencers and personalities, journalists flocked to discover the label’s newest collections at the brand’s event which took place in the midst of paris fashion week. the president of the german brand shed light on the sandal’s key to success, with almost 30 million pairs sold each year and a collection of 1800 models.interview olivier reichert: so, we have been successful for a long time, and now the fashion industry has put an eye on us. but, i’m telling everybody that we’ve been in the fashion industry for 60 years, after the photographer, after the makeup artist, the stylist started wearing our product, so we’re here already. i think there’s a big demand in the fashion industry to create something real and honest, and i personally don’t know any product which is closer than birkenstock in terms of honesty and the convoy between the product itself and this promise. and it’s working, so you don’t have to throw it away after one year, you can wear it for 20 years and they’re still working.people do care about comfort, they do care about feeling well. nobody can wear shoes that give a pain for 20 hours, and perform and act and be in this stressful life. it’s the same for oversized sweatshirts and boyfriend jeans, you know. relax yourself, be more yourself and, out of the sun, your personality becomes even more worthy. that’s what the fashion is all about: to give you the chance to develop your personality in a certain way.birkenstock is all the way up, from kids to grandma. and that’s good.so we’re not fashion. we’re like bread and butter, like a glass of milk, like a glass of water. we’re basic you know.i think the magic of the product is the product itself, so the product works in terms of quality and function.music free of right: bandit & nikit