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AALTO - Women's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Paris (with interview)

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Designer : tuomas merikoskiambiance : a fifth collection presented in paris for this finnish designer and entitled “paradise lost” for winter 2018, a way to establish the parallels between the past and future, and mysticism and exploration. collection : the elegant and functional tailoring which are donned with stripes of different widths and colours, and the details like the pierrot collars or the straps. a print of naturist women can be seen on a blouse or a dress. the tones become lively, with emerald green symbolizing around the youth of mother nature. aalto wants to be a sustainable and responsible label, working with recyclable materials.to note : the recycled puffer jackets, which can be reversible and even transform into a coat or a blanket. interview with tuomas merikoski :there is a real research on what is classic, what is timeless so there is functionality, sustainability, environmentalism, recycling, and after you have a formal symbolism, therefore it is the idea of what is the future but it is a real mix & match somewhere.it’s a bit like with ‘fantasyland’, we made it with an airbrush technique, but we use the computer so the prints have some sort of feminist force in it because there are only women, and it's almost a bit of a symbolic freemasonry to see that there are traces of history, but at the same its almost liberal, very liberal.the whole aalto label becomes recycled forever and secondly, we worked on the little capsule of puffer jackets so they are ‘post-consumer’ puffer jackets, so it’s after its been used, and have been rehabilitated, it’s all really 100% recycled, so that combines real recycling and technology and i find that very interesting. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)