Dior Homme - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris ( with interviews )

Designer : Kris Van AsscheCollection : Hard Dior Focus on : the many variations of suits, from more classic to the more unstructured ones with visible threads hanging down, Sewing stitches that emphasize the cuts and the line of the jackets. A sartorial savoir faire for a suit destined for the new generation. Everything is in that attitude and in this way of wearing a jumper which is paired with a jacket and trainers which brings a sporty touch to this Hard Dior wardrobe. To note : The paintings of the artist Mosh Pits by Dan Witz and references to the new wave, pop culture and Bow How InterviewsKris Van Assche :I've always heard that the suit is finished, nobody wants to dress up in a suit but no, I think that we may not have proposed the right suit yet, we must adapt to young people, their more street mindset, and propose a new younger suit but the suit is, has been, and always will remain at the center of Dior Homme.Boy George :It’s like a deconstructured traditional suit but it has the stitching and the punk references and the rave, there was a lot of clubbing culture, whenever I go to a fashion show I always see the reference points because I’ve lived through all of those things, but I love them because there my aesthetics. Kris Van Assche :These are the paintings of American artist Dan Witz, who made these pictures, he calls them “mosh pits” so it’s about a very powerful dance, it’s really between a dance and a wrestle, kind of pogo dancing, so it is an artist that I have admired for years, and this time with my inspiration, it was absolutely obvious that his work had its place Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)

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