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Fashion : The new forms of e-commerce, Susan Saideman of Amazon answers !

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What are the new forms of e-commerce, and the actors who revolutionize the access to fashion, susan saideman of amazon answers these questions in the setting of vogue fashion festival. interview with susan saideman, vice president of amazon fashion europe. interview with susan saideman :we are customer obsessed and so we always think about the customer and try to innovate on behalf of the customer, so we are always innovating always doing new things, so i think fashion is a vehicle to help people express themselves and feel confident, amazon can help with that because we have such a large selection, people should be able to find the fashion that they want to help express themselves, and plus they can make it super easy by having it delivered to their home or to their office or to their locker so they can get it without having to go to a store so we make it more convenient in some ways , then it might have been otherwise if you are in a rush or if you don’t have time.i think we are not actively pursuing the high end luxury brands at this point, we are trying to get other brands to be on amazon right now because they are more comfortable and its honestly easier to convince them plus the experience today works really well for them. we are elevating our experience every day, and i think as we elevate the experience and start the conversations with brands they will become more comfortablewe have brand stores on the site that do that for the brands, we work very closely with brands like hugo boss, gucci watches, and other brands to tell their story and when people go to the detail page of the product they can see the whole story, we have another program for innovators for start-ups called “launchpad” and its introducing the start-ups to the world and you’ll have a picture of the founders of the company and their personal story on how they brought their product to life. so we love telling stories and customers come to explore on amazon they don’t just come to buy and so if we can tell those stories for brands i think that’ll also make them feel more comfortable because we love telling stories.we want to help reinvent fashion so that buying it online is the best experience people can have in terms of fashion, and so we are constantly making our experience on our website more comfortable and easier to shop and even having more and more brands for people,so i think the secret in our future is innovating for fashion online and creating a really great experience. what it looks like tomorrow i’m not sure because we are always creating things today(music free : bandit & nikit)