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Aalto : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Designer : tuomas merikoskimood : graphic, zen. a desire for freedom. the guests stand around the catwalk. the designer was always inspired by his country (finland) and this time he was inspired by the famous cartoon, moomin.silhouette : light, soft, structured with construction details focus on : the ready to wear dresses, the cut collar the silk, light, appearing to be nylon, completely waterproof the reoccurring colours : dark purple, burgundy, khaki, orangethe cut outs and the additions to the swathes of fabric on the clothes to note : adds characters from derived from the bd on a jumper, a jacket, or printed on the last outfits. interview with tuomas merikoski :i wanted to create this collection in a very free state of mind that is why it is called “new fantasy”. where we didn’t have any restrictions in society and in fact we worked on creativity and in diverse ways to embrace diversity, diversity and uniqueness are very important, and they both effect the globality, it is interesting and they work together. there is exceptional work on the 100% silk material but it is waterproof, very technical, very modern with lightness and beauty in the draping and we wanted to give that to all the clothes in the collection. moomin is a love story, it’s a very well-known cartoon in finland, and all around the world, it belongs to all generations in the north, not just in finland and we had the chance to work in collaboration with them and the world of moomin which symbolizes the society that i’m interested in, thinking with individuality, the mad and the good next to the less intelligent and the more intelligent, everything works with a healthy coexistence. so we took iconic vintage pieces, which we reworked and customized a lot and covered them with motifs from the moomin story which is called a dangerous journey. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)