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Missoni : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : angela missoni mood : bright curtains on a hangar with a wet floor. angela desired simplicity, an easy and uncluttered wardrobe. silhouette : slender, with tubular dresses in block colourfocus on : bright colours, lurex knit, and plays with layering and drapes ,asymmetric tops, ultra-sexy look with a knit mini bikini, fluid material used for the loose trousers, flared legto note : big earrings and slippers on the feet interview with angela missoni :this is a woman who has decided that she had had a bit too much, too much of everything, and who has the pleasure of finding simplicity, something calm and simple and something with an almost basic silhouette. there are a lot of block coloured stripes, which are made of different textures and we get the impression of layering, but it is an optical illusion, because these dresses are made in one of the different materials, which are degrading, and each look containing a vision of colours which is different from the others.we find a lot of different knit techniques, a lot of technical effects on the knitwear, because you get the impression that it was knitwear but its embroidery and or a lace knitwear, with embroidery on it so you will really see a lot of effects on the surface. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)