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Julien Macdonald: collection spring-summer 2017 in London

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Designer : julien macdonald atmosphere : julien macdonald chose a sports centre in which to show his mixed collection, whose motto was glamour as always. focus on : the pearls, embroideries, fringes and silver chains the asymmetry with either a revealed leg or a naked shoulder the sequined jumpsuit with fine straps for the men, it’s all about the top half : an emboridered gold jumper, a sleevless bomber jacket with sparkling studs, a shiny suit. to note : hailey baldwin invited to walk and the star of the show. interview with julien macdonald: my collection’s called « afro-chic rock n’ roll » it got inspired by a trip to africa, but i didn’t go to africa alone, i went with kim kardashian and kanye west, madonna, beyoncé, the rolling stones, my africa is glamorous, sexy and full of metallic. i believe in showing a woman’s body and not hiding it, my clothes are sexy. they’re high-octane glamour and they’re for a woman or a man who loves fashion and has an amazing body. music from the show(only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)