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Vetements- Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Designer : demna gvasalia location : galeries lafayette, boulevard hausmann, paris inspiration : the designer challenges the system of fashion and the idea of seasonality in choosing to present his collection for spring/summer 2017 in july, as a guest member of the haute couture schedule rather than in the coming september, during the ready to wear fashion weeks. + equally in going to search amongst popular brands specializing in certain types of products (levi’s, carharrt, dr.martens, eastpak, reebok, manolo blahnik, etc) & in proposing to them the "vetements" way: reworking, reconstructing, re-patching, playing with the volumes. silhouette: the white shirt by brioni hides beneath its sweeping raincoat, the reebok sweatshirt takes on an array of colours, the classic levi’s jean appears with a zip at the back, along the buttocks, the carhartt overall or loose fitting trousers take on new dimensions, without forgetting the velvet juicy couture jumpsuit, the canada goose puffa jacket…focus on: the luchesse cowboy boots and the monolo blahnik stilettos, revamped in the collection on a larger scale, with brilliance and with a playful wink. to note: the casting which is always well researched + the presentation of the collection on the first floor of the galeries lafayette, one sunday during the sales, in the heart of the luxury brands section.interview - voice of demna gvasalia : the idea has been born to start working with the brands, the suppliers and the producers of different typologies of products that specialise in particular things. for example, the bomber jackets are made by alpha industries, schott made the leather biker jacket, champion made the sweatshirts, etc, etc. the idea was to take their savoir- faire and their products as a base and then to apply our own creative approaches and our ideas when it comes to the deconstruction of the garments and their volumes etc, which are typically << vêtements >> and already very recognisable, even after this short period, so it was that really, the fusion with each collaborator. it is really our vision of what haute couture signifies today, is it still beautiful 3d satin and muslin drapes that shroud the body? that isn’t really << vêtements >>, for us it was really about the possibility to work with the best brands who specialise in their products, and for me it was the << vêtements>> way to do couture in fact. we could never make a biker jacket of that kind of quality, we could never make sleeves like brioni… so for us it was that and it’s for that reason that we are speaking with the federation, we are guest members of the haute couture schedule this season, which is an enormous honour for us. if fashion today continues to pose questions constantly, that will mean it has a ‘raison d’être.’