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Key Fashion Moment : 1994 – Madonna models at Jean-Paul Gaultier

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Madonna is connected to jean-paul gaultier’s history. the couturier has been creating outfits for the star for more than thirty years and has made numerous stage outfits for her tours. among the most famous images is madonna dressed in a body-corset with a conical bra, invented by the designer. she agrees to come and model in paris in september 1994 with no hesitation. dressed in a long, nude-coloured dress, she will cause a sensation. interview: jean-paul gaultier :that exact date in 1989. i knew her from that, professionally because i made the costumes for the blonde ambition tour, so that was really fun, it was one of my most beautiful experiences i have to say. an then obviously she modeled for me. first she modeled in a charity show in la in aid of aids, and the second time she modeled, you recorded her, at the musée des arts forains, that must have been around 96. there you go! marie-christiane marek :so madonna came? jean-paul gaultier :madonna came, she was there, the great madonna, the beautiful madonna, the gorgeous madonna, did you see the dress i made for her?marie-christiane marek : of course! really sexy! jean-paul gaultier :well yes, but it suited her well right? it’s the colour of her hair and skin and everything. and there was some symbolism in the show because of course there was madonna but… jean-paul gaultier :at the end she was modeling with a pram…marie-christiane marek :yes a pram jean-paul gaultier :that’s it, and at the end it was like something prophetic in terms of what was going to happen to her as a year later she was pregnant. and she didn’t know it then. but it was a desire, and it was expressed like that…marie-christiane marek :and madonna produced a visual shock, leaving a mark on her era and captivating a fascinated public from the end of the 80s. she presented corseted silhouettes with conical bras, or more jean-paul gaultier men’s suits. the madonna therefore embodies the parisian designer’s success, heralding a new feminine era with a stamp of sex appeal. music paris modes archives