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Lingerie Special: Glamour, sport and confident sensuality are the three latest trends in lingerie

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Like with prêt-à-porter, we also see trends emerge in the realm of lingerie and in 2014, you have the choice of a glamorous look, sporty chic or unveiled sensuality. includes an interview with designer-stylist, sophie malagola.interview:sophie malagola:there is a split into three quite strong trends. there is one ‘trend’ that isn’t strictly one but that marks the resurgence of a desire for beautiful lingerie and corsetry. it is all about the return to high-quality labels and fine lingerie fabrics such as tulle, calais lace, embroidery and guipure to create authentic french corsetry ensembles.secondly, we have sport. unlike the other trends, we can all relate to sport and today everyone tries to offer their own sportswear line. in fact, you realise that like with sport, there is no need for maintenance and instead it puts comfort first but then with certain sports, looks prevail over technique so in the end it is a mixture of the two.the third craze is clearly very different, and it is probably derived from last year’s hit novel ‘50 shades of grey’, so we are in the midst of a genuine lingerie trend that not just sexy but erotic, born from this idea of fetishism so this lingerie is always black, in materials close to leather or satin and you have the contours of the body, particularly the upper body, with the straps, plays at the back, accessories and rings that are quite present, so actually it comes from this idea of bondage and lingerie that gives a very confident and erotic sensuality.of course, the plays with straps and plays at the back are very important as it is quite a rich aspect. the body has been trying to make a comeback for a while; it upholds this concept of underwear as outerwear because the lace is slightly thicker which makes it less transparent but this idea still struggles to establish itself in a woman’s wardrobe.and so, you have to identify what you feel most beautiful and comfortable and confident wearing and not strictly in direct relation to the rules; if you don’t want to don a skin-tight corset with stockings then it doesn’t matter.music free: bandit & nikit-2012