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Best of 2013 : Fashion Weeks around the globe !

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Fashion weeks are now held throughout the world. each major city hosts its own week dedicated to fashion in an attempt to honour native designers. from around the world, here are names to remember on every continent.in brazil, a number of labels are turning international and sao paulo and rio have become major fashion weeks. obsession with body image is celebrated here with many swimwear shows and of course a rare occasion to see one of the world’s greatest top models in action, still sublime as ever: gisèle bündchen.in moscow, russian fashion week gains in stature with the arrival in recent years of a big official sponsor, mercedez benz. more than 70 labels come to present, from fully fledged couturiers to younger designers. we love the diversity in these collections, like tatyana parfionova and her passion for art or carmen emanuela popa whose imagination makes us think of alexander mcqueen.head for europe, stopping in lisbon where young designers are very much inspired and rather creative, for instance immaculate silhouettes from andreia lexim, asymmetrical effects by daniela barros, not forgetting the work of katty xiomara. finally, note the presence of felipe oliveira baptista, also artistic director of lacoste, who this year celebrates 10 years of designing with a very beautiful exhibition in the portuguese capital. meeting in the middle east, dubai, a city recognized as a shopping haven can also be called a fashion capital, having organised its first fashion experience this year, honouring its local designers.final destination: asia. in jakarta, local designers delight in showcasing their latest creations, like priyo oktaviano, successfully combining modernity and tradition or tex saverio who, at barely 30-years-old transforms his designs into true works of art. from seoul to tokyo, these fashion weeks are well established and widely recognized. designers show off their refined knowledge, allowing us to admire the energy of these mixed collections by korean designers including jarrett, jkoo and the studio k. lastly, in tokyo techniques and originality are a common theme with a heart-stopping show from anrealage and its models ruled by radio-controlled systems.interviews:felipe oliviera baptista :i think of those first years as the start of an alphabet book, i did collections a, b, c, d and finally over these past four or five years, it has been a slight mix of all these letters…wadha ai hajri: i studied politics at qatar university, i never studied fashion. everything is handmade and the collection is inspired by arabian pearls and iranian emigrate artwork.music free of right/bandit & nikit 2012