Alexis Mabille Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

From the first outfit, there's no doubt that we're at Alexis Mabille: the big black bow in the hair signs the collection. A wardrobe that looks to the ultra femininity based on the film "The Hunger" with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie. Both a strong and wild woman through heavy and dark materials, identified by details of zips that cut a dress. Intense red touches punctuate this boldness, supported by additions of stones. It is calmed down by a long slit skirt on a white blouse. Black returns as master with little dresses and overalls, giving way to nude and gold, with cloaks in crepe, and as usual, very long close fitting evening gowns.

Music from fashion show

Alexis Mabille : I always work the other way round, I work as a wardrobe, so the base is clothing that's called `Separates' so shirts, trousers, tops, everything that's needed in a wardrobe and after I think of a story, like when you wake up and you want to have a certain look, and this season I looked at a certain film that I love which is called The Hunger. It's a 1983 film by Tony Scott featuring Catherine Deneuve, Sarandon and David Bowie, it's a little bit decadent but at the same time there is this extreme sensuality, femininity and perfect elegance, it's people like that with their very strong character and at the same time completely trashed but who respond to this idea of today in the city, where unfortunately it's every man for himself. So the working girl who doesn't have much time, who never stops and who goes out, wears makeup, a ribbon in her hair and who lives life like this. It's a rather aggressive collection but keeping our codes, so it's a mix of romance and aggression, I find it very strong and current, and it's what we see every day.

There's this ambiance of a nightclub, we arrive where there's this play between light and dark, the skin and materials look deeper into the body, with cuts and spangled effects which often play on the form.

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