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Vivienne Westwood- Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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Once again, vivienne westwood and husband andreas kronthaler criticize the state of the world and society, by pointing the finger on climate change in particular. their collection serves as a pretext to deliver a message and the one for next winter will focus on cycling in town! therefore we find parkas and waterproof capes, or even quilted jackets and comfortable trousers. even anti-pollution masks make an appearance. the couple still tastefully manages to highlight the english style, with twists of fine knitwear, tartan, shimmering colours and of course the presence of many suits and even beautiful white tuxedos.. music from the fashion show interview andreas kronthaler : the show was this urban traveler, in particular this cycle, because vivienne and i cycle a lot in london. and it was to give an alternative to cycling, combining style with function and thinking about cycling, there was a lot of reflective in the show, you might not see this at night, if you get light on it you would see it, it\'s even on classic men\'s brogue shoes, in the holes, you could push your pocket bag out and it would be reflective, little stripes and things. we are from england, that\'s where we\'re from, there is nothing like the style `anglaise\', i think it\'s something that\'s very unique, and very difficult to do, i\'ve learnt a lot and i\'ve lived there for more than 20 years, i think it\'s fascinating how people dress and see fashion, and actually here again it\'s like do you go for quality rather than quantity. vivienne westwood : the most important message is that climate change is caused by the terrible financial system and therefore we have a financial crisis, you have to treat them together. what\'s good for the planet is good for the economy, what\'s bad for the planet is bad for the economy. long term thinking, not quick fix.