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Chanel's Métiers d'Art fashion show in Edinburgh.

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Chanel demonstrated the savoir-faire of its workshops in edinburgh in scotland, through its métiers d'art fashion show, showcasing silhouettes warmed up by tartans, tweed, cashmere, kilts, shirts with bouffant sleeves and frilled collars. it's in the castle of the city of linlightgow lit up by torchlight that the british stella tennant opened the show in a long dark coat with red tartan on the inside. a collection which every year since 2003 pays tribute to the savoir-faire of the houses of lesage, lemarié, desrues, michel, massaro, guillet, goossens, causse, montex purchased by chanel since 1985. also an opportunity this season to honour barrie knitwear; the manufacturer of pieces in cashmere, based in scotland for 140 years, who have fallen into the hands of chanel. a karl lagerfeld warmly applauded by guests carefully selected like poppy delevingne, amira casar, anna mouglalis, or joana priess. music from the fashion show interview karl lagerfeld : i like the idea of mary stuart, as a former queen of france who became a kind of fashion icon of another period than chanel, who was a kind of queen of french fashion too, so i like the encounter - it never happened, it never could happen - but i like the idea of those two women involved with scotland in very different ways. after all chanel discovered tweeds, and knits and all those things here. chanel just bought barrie company because no one else can make better sweaters than they do. so all this seems normal, chanel was inspired by the jewelry of the renaissance, so there are so many common points, that it was a simple idea to come to scotland and do it in scotland. i think scotland was without knowing enough, asking for that much, the big fashion influence and scottish patterns and tartan are all over the world, so it's a strong identity that everybody likes, uses and copies. it is inspirational renaissance jewelry but done in a very modern way, some are not even in stones, they are in feathers and in the most unbelievable materials. it's like playing with an idea but the idea is taken to different places where it never came from. we want to continue with new things with the tradition and craftsmanship of the partners. i don't think that in this collection and on this presentation stilettos would do well. i don't think so, this was an anti-stiletto collection, i have nothing against, but i like the ease of the flat shoes with the over sophisticated look. for me it's a kind of romantic look, this touch of culture.