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Meet with Patrick Goossens - Goldsmith and Jeweller at Goossens

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Created in 1950 by robert goossens, the house goossens took on another dimension very quickly in the 50s thanks to gabrielle chanel pushing its founder to develop its couture jewelery. soon, all the designers, yves saint laurent to balenciaga, took orders from him and became true faithfuls of the goossens creations. his son, patrick, took the reins of the house and with the help of his sister, he continues to develop with talent the goldsmith's work, collaborating with leading architects, while making their own jewelery. patrick goossens : to be a goldsmith and jeweler today is not very simple in the sense that a goldsmiths trade has always been more associated with the art of a table than anything else even though a goldsmith works objects, decorative objects , and all these kind of things. there are jewelers who work with stones, there are other jewelers who work with metal, and again other jewelers who work with both stones and metal. i would say that we are goldsmiths / stone jewelers and metal jewelers. it became a passion, but determined by meetings, by having done this job in a staggered manner thanks to my father mr. robert goossens who with mademoiselle chanel, invented this discipline in our business called jewelry couturier, or what the americans call "fashion jewelery." it is fashion jewelry which before yesterday was only a copy of the real jewels. here they are made an accessory in their own right. the important thing is to stay on. i think it is a duty from the moment when we have been working in a traditional manner with the technical artisanal knowledge instilled in us, which we had been taught to transmit and to be the guarantor but at the same time we have a duty to evolve with the times. i said not long ago: we have our right foot in the past, head in the present and our left foot in the future. this one here is one of the last creations, of only a few months but rather inspired by the vikings, by warrior bracelets, it is hammered as we played with the effects of gold. music - bandit & nikit - copyright free