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Neo Punk Trends - Spring/Summer 2022 (Livetrend)

8 окт. 2021 г.

The SS22 Shows are in full swing and the first design trends are starting to surface and manifest for the next season. One of the themes that emerged on NY and London runways is the one of a Neo Punk collective.

The visual and anti-conformal spirit of the trend is closely linked to liberating feelings that come along the new-found freedom post-pandemic. With a world re-opened, laid out like a blank page, people are seeking to reform and transform the world. To create real change and make an impact, loud and rebellious voices seem essential in order to shake up rigid thought patterns.

Consequently, previous non-conformist groups, such as punks, are used as a frequent design reference to establish the change-maker spirit. Denim, Leather, Messages, Metal pins and chains are now showing higher frequencies. Rough hems, experimental layering and unfinished styling translate the edgy neo-punk look. Take a look at the data linked to some of the trends that relate to the theme: 

The growth index describes the evolution from SS21 to SS22 across New York and London Fashion Week. 

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