4 окт. 2021 г.
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Shirting Trends - Spring/Summer 2023 (ItaltexTrends)

4 окт. 2021 г.

The fashion orientation for city and trendy shirting Spring/Summer 2023 is featured by well-defined characteristics, marked by the renewal of both qualities and patterns, and resulting in the dominance of jacquard patterns and seersucker fabrics.

The addiction of jacquard floral patterns to simple, classic stripes creates an elegant and carefree look, expression of our deepest needs after the recent lockdowns

Jacquard fil coupé is another interesting alternative to create new trending textured solids for fresh summer shirts

Seersucker, the trendiest quality for Spring/Summer 2023, is interpreted in a wide variety of ways. Fancy yarns and wide repeat patterns are excellent to create unique trending shirts

 Besides, graphics range from small checks and blue/white stripes to medium-repeat overchecks, up to the most daring sportswear, where we also find wide repeat fancy stripes plus colour.

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An extract from the Italtex fabric and colour trend book with actual fabric swatches for city and trending shirts Woven Cotton Spring/Summer 2023 you can find here

Italtex is the Italian trend studio based in Biella, specializing in colour and fabric fashion trends since 1959. They provide all fashion professionals with the latest fabric trends: colours, constructions, fibres, patterns and finishes.

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